Интербригада: «Деятельность Португальской компартии является ярким образцом самоотверженной борьбы»


TO: the delegates of the XXI Congress of the Portuguese Communist party

Dear comrades,

International brigade of the Moscow city Committee of the Communist party of the Russian Federation is sending its warmest greetings to the XXI Congress of the Portuguese Communist party!

For us, the activities of the Portuguese Communist party are a vivid example of selfless struggle for the great ideas of socialism and communism. We admire the courage of a generation of fighters against the fascist dictatorship and pay tribute to the Portuguese Communists, who managed to make the PCP a force without which it is impossible to imagine the political picture not only of their country, but of the whole of Europe.

We were able to see the real success and great authority of your party during meetings with comrades from the PCP in the beautiful land of Portugal, as well as at various international forums of the left and democratic forces.

We are happy that the Portuguese Communist party came to its XXI Congress strong and united, and that its high authority is constantly growing.

The example of the Portuguese Communist party, which will soon be celebrating the 100th anniversary of its foundation, helps us to educate Moscow Communists in the spirit of loyalty to the best traditions of the international Communist, workers ‘ and national liberation movement.

We assure you that the Portuguese comrades can always count on our support in their struggle for the rights of workers, for the triumph of the ideas of socialism, and for strengthening the international solidarity of Communists.

We are convinced that the decisions of the XXI Congress of the PCP will answer the challenges of the time, make the party an even more important factor in political life and attract many new fighters to its ranks.

We ask the delegates of the XXI Congress of the Portuguese Communist party to accept our friendly wishes for the most successful and fruitful work!

Coordinators of the CPRF Moscow City Committee 
International brigade

Tatiana Desiatova

Timokhov Sergey

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